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For 70 years, Formrite has been providing steel tube fabricating services to our customers at a great price and unmatched quality. We complete all our services in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, and we will always ship back to our clients on time.


  • Tube Laser Cutting: The Tube Laser gives designers freedom to easily put any cutout shape into pipe and tubing. Besides eliminating the old drill and saw, this new technology allows for error proof constructing techniques that speed production and reduce cost. 

  • High-Speed Sheer Cutting and Deburring: This steel tube fabricating service produces high quality, distortion free cuts on a variety of tubular shapes and materials. 

  • CNC Bending to Three-Inch Diameter: Right-hand and left-hand bending with fixed or variable radii, in single or multiple radius mode. CNC bending is flexible and fast. It is suited for all types of applications from furniture to automotive. Total versatility for tube, pipe, and profile bending. 

  • High-Volume Robotic Bending: Formrite’s robotic bending cells quickly and efficiently improve production speeds for high and low volume applications. 

  • Silver Brazing: Brazing allows you to join metals for high or low pressure or even structural applications. Unlike soldering or welding, even complex shapes can be brazed with little distortion. The brazing process is ideal for joining ferrous and non-ferrous metals 

  • Brass Brazing: Brazing is ideal for low pressure or return line applications. 

  • Copper Brazing: For over 7 decades Formrite has been brazing metal components using the copper brazing method. 

  • Robotic Welding: Formrite’s robotic welding systems will get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

  • MIG & TIG Welding: Formrite provides MIG and TIG welding services for hydraulic or structural tube applications. 

  • Cleaning/Flushing: This process allows us to remove contaminants and bring the tubes back to their original condition. 

  • Hydraulic Impulse, Proof, and Burst Testing: Performing this testing process on your own can be expensive and difficult. We offer our testing services on a contract basis and take the tedious process off your hands.  

  • Powder Coat Painting: We use our 50,000-square-foot painting production line to quickly and efficiently powder coat paint all your metal products.  

  • End Forming Including:

    • Single and Double Flaring

    • Expanding

    • Swaging

    • Flattening

    • Parflanging

    • Beading 


If you have a complete product that is mostly formed steel tubing that you would like Formrite to manufacture, package and ship directly to your customer no problem!  Formrite currently acquires the necessary components, fabricates and assembles the product to customer specifications before drop shipping the finished product to the end user. Ask about our steel tube fabricating services as well as our seamless contract manufacturing capabilities, and get back to your core business! 

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