• Tube Laser Cutting

  • High Speed Sheer Cutting & Deburring

  • CNC Bending to 3-Inch Diameter

  • High Volume Robotic Bending

  • Silver Brazing

  • Brass Brazing

  • Copper Brazing

  • Robotic Welding

  • MIG Welding

  • TIG Welding

  • Cleaning/Flushing

  • Hydraulic Impulse, Proof and Burst Testing

  • Powder Coat Painting

  • End Forming Including:

    • Single and Double Flaring

    • Expanding

    • Swaging

    • Flattening

    • Parflanging

    • Beading 

If you have a complete product that is mostly formed steel tubing that you would like Formrite to manufacture, package and ship directly to your customer no problem!  Formrite currently acquires the necessary components,  fabricates, assembles the product to customer specifications and drop ships the finished product to the end user for several of our customers.  Ask about our seamless contract manufacturing capabilities and get back to your core business!

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