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Formrite markets its complete line of beaded hose fittings through Hydraulic Components Corporation

All of our beaded hose fittings are created right here at our manufacturing facility in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  Our fittings are compatible with many types of tubes to allow for wide usage of Formrite’s custom fittings.  


The beaded inserts illustrated below are used primarily for low pressure suction or drain lines.  The outside diameter of the insert is approximately the same as the inside diameter of the mating hose.  Hose clamps are attached directly in front of the bead for leak free hose to coupling connections.  These beaded hose inserts are needed to make custom tubing work seamlessly with no leaks, breaks, or other issues.

It’s very important to pick the correct beaded hose fitting, because the wrong choice can leave you with poor suction power and slow draining issues. Many factors come into play when you’re determining the hose fitting you need. A fitting that’s too small can create issues such as leaks and loss of power, while a fitting that’s too large can result in tube deformation, which can lead to many problems down the road.  

For more information just click on the associated illustration below. 

Beaded Insert.jpg
20350 Straight NPTF Male Thread
23872 45* Elbow NPTF Male Thread
23871 90* Elbow NPTF Male Thread
23876 Straight S.A.E. Flanged Head
23868 45* Elbow S.A.E. Flanged Head
23867 90* Elbow S.A.E. Flanged Head
23540 Straight S.A.E. Straight Thread
23870 45* Elbow Male O-Ring Seal
23869 90* Elbow Male O-Ring Seal
23916 90* Elbow NPTF Male Thread
24072 90* Elbow S.A.E. Male Head
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