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If you have a high volume, technically demanding tube fabrication project Formrite’s robotic bending service may be an ideal solution.

 Benefits of Formrite High-Volume Robotic Bending

  • Precision: Because Formrite’s benders are robotically loaded and unloaded we have eliminated the potential for human error as part of the machine tending process. Each part is picked loaded and unloaded in the same manner.  No variation means no errors. 

  • Speed: In that all of the motions are executed by the tending robot there is no wasted motion.  Part cycle times do not vary, and the system does not stop cycling until the order is finished.  This allows Formrite to achieve the maximum efficiency for each job and the most competitive pricing in the industry. 

  • Safety:  Because Formrite’s robotic cells require little or no human interaction they are among the safest cells in the industry.  Formrite boasts more than 4-years without a lost time accident.   

For 70 years, Formrite has been an industry leader in tube bending, and our added robotic features have accelerated our growth rate. All our manufacturing is done in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.. We get tubes to the customer as quickly as possible to ensure that a satisfactory transaction takes place and that the customer will want to work with Formrite again.  

Contact us now to learn more about robotic bending services and to request a quotation today! 

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